Rainmaker Irrigation, MD

For more that 14 years, we have majored in expert installation and maintenance of irrigation systems. We have offered residential, commercial and largescale irrigation solutions. We also provide annual maintenace to all systems which include winterization & spring start ups.

Automated irrigation system?

We use high quality low voltage LED outdoor lighting products to produce custom and creative illumination for your outdoors. The advantages of LED outdoor lighting products are: increased outdoor security, allows safer outdoor navigation, production of a beautiful landscape that can be used both day & night.



Do you have low laying areas near the foundation of your house with collecting water ? This could be causing damage to the foundation of your home, proper drainage will protect your home’s foundation, prevent mold, promote a healthier lawn, eliminate puddles and mud and prevent mosquitoes.

Other Services

We also offer a range of other related services such as:

  • Free estimates
  • Residential installs
  • Commercial installs
  • Irrigation system repairs
  • Drip irrigation installs
  • System maintenance
  • Re-doing old systems
  • Sports-field system installs
  • …and more